December 1, 2021

Needed to get my car towed to a shop, Dave McDonald’s was really patient and understanding especially after a mixup in paperwork, I appreciate it and him for being so professional. Would highly recommend.

Mike Popek
November 20, 2021

I broke an axle on my boat trailer 30 miles away from my home. I was stuck on the side of the road in a dangerous place. Priced Rite responded immediately with the most professional driver Justin. He was concerned with my safety and that of the motoring public. He carefully loaded my trailer and boat without incurring any more damage to my rig. He placed plastic sliders under my trailer so as not to drag the bottom of my trailer into the blacktop saving my board fasteners. My boat and trailer were safety dropped off in my driveway in the usual spot. They didn't price gauge me as other companies tried to do. I highly recommend this company. Thank you Justin again for your service!

christian wessner
September 20, 2021

Top notch company!

Robert McGowan
September 13, 2021

Awesome company

Huab Lauj
August 1, 2021

We were on a road trip vacation when our van broke down in New Jersey. This company helped repair our van for us when we were in desperate time. We were far from home and they were professional and worked fast to get us back on our feet. Thank you!

July 29, 2021

These guys are great would definitely recommend

July 27, 2021

They were fast and efficient

Daquan Mcgee
July 21, 2021

Dave m. Was excellent.. got me to and from with no issues fast and reliable and great people skills .. will definitely use again

Seen a truck just now in Covington Ohio, 10:31pm very pretty truck! Driver was friendly! Waved! My husband works for a local company lol

Pat and his crew, from the office to the field, are by far the most accommodating and service conscience tow company out there! Would turn to in every unfortunate situation I find me and my car in!

aaron godwin
April 21, 2021

Professional and fast they were very helpful with getting my car to the shop.

bill tice
March 26, 2021

Great company was on time has a great truck and a very nice equipment trailer great driver well worth the money will use again

David Royal
March 26, 2021

Pat and his staff are amazing. Anytime I’m in a automotive issue they’re only a phone call away

Aliaksandr Gulyuta
February 25, 2021

All that needed. Time as estimated.

Craig Parker II
January 28, 2021

Very friendly and helpful during a rough time. Our vehicle was totalled in an accident and they towed it off the highway.

Kermito Figueroa
January 24, 2021

Awesome thank you

M Tarnacki
January 15, 2021

Very coodinated for a wrecking yard.

Scott Moss
December 23, 2020

Great company, i buy alot of cars and have a new "goto" company.

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